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Petrocedeño (Petrocedeño S.A.)


Petrocedeño - Petrocedeño S.A.

Oil company that produces 200 thousand barrels daily of heavy crude (originating from Faja del Orinoco, Venezuela), and upgrades 180Mb/d of Zuata Sweet, a light, sweet crude. During this upgrading process it obtains 900 tons of sulfur daily and 6,000 tons of coke. Petrocedeño, ex-Sincor, is controlled by PDVSA, Total and Statoil.

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Petrocedeño Data and Contacts

Name: Petrocedeño
Address: Av. Solano con calle Negrin Edificio Centro Empresarial, Sabana Grande Pent House
City: Caracas
Country: Venezuela
Phone number: 58-212-7062000
Fax: 58-212-7062019
Sector: Oil & Gas
Subsectors: Others

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