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Pacífico Vida (El Pacífico Vida Compañía de Seguros y Reaseguros S.A.)


Pacífico Vida - El Pacífico Vida Compañía de Seguros y Reaseguros S.A.

Peruvian life insurance company Pacífico Vida is the main operating arm of local P&C insurer Pacífico Peruano-Suiza (PPS), and is part of the Credicorp group. Its core products are life and health insurance, and retirement solutions. Based on information from the company's financial statements, in december 2013, the total production of life insurance premiums reached US$425 millions, with the company as the leader of its segment with a 27% market share.  Pacíico Vida is based in Lima, Peru and it has agencies in 21 cities.

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Pacífico Vida Data and Contacts

Name: Pacífico Vida
Address: Av. Juan de Arona #830, San Isidro
City: Lima
Country: Peru
Phone number: 51-1-5184500
Fax: 51-1-2121701
Sector: Insurance
Subsectors: Life; Health and Burial

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