High-performance alloys 'key' to increased market share

Friday, July 21, 2017

Brazilian copper and copper alloy product manufacturer Termomecanica, which ranks among the largest Brazilian manufacturers of finished and semi-finished non-ferrous metals products, unveiled an initiative this week aimed at boosting new manufacturing processes, and to promote the use of copper and its alloys through the encouragement of technological research.

The initiative's first project is being developed with special nickel aluminum bronze alloys. The company expects to incorporate results of this work in its industrial processes, specifically in continuous solidification and finite element simulations.

BNamericas spoke with Termomecanica's director of industrial operations, Luiz Henrique Caveagna (pictured), about the initiative, a partnership between the company and the Federal Institute of education, science and technology of São Paulo - IFSP.

BNamericas: Can you tell us about the company's operations in Brazil and Latin America?

Caveagna: Termomecanica, which is one of Brazil's largest private industrial companies, is a leader in transforming non-ferrous metals - copper and its alloys - into semi-processed and finished products.

Our production capacity is split into 3 plants in Brazil, one plant in Argentina, and another one in Chile. We have improved our units through investments focused on research and development, to increase our market share in Latin America.

BNamericas: How did the idea come about of a partnership between the company and the IFSP Institute to foster scientific research on copper and its alloys?

Caveagna: The action is part of the expansion plan for our R&D activities, which aims to establish research partnerships with other institutions, in different lines of research.

BNamericas: From the business point of view, what are the partnership's results so far?

Caveagna: The theoretical basis obtained in the partnership's results has been applied in the improvement of the manufacturing processes, aiming to continuously improve the quality of the company's products.

BNamericas: Which markets were positively affected by the partnership's results? Which were the competitive differentials for the company?

Caveagna: The partnership aims at improving processes and launching innovative products in all market segments in which Termomecanica operates, such as civil construction, metallurgy, naval and offshore, among many others.

BNamericas: What are the short and long term prospects for the market of high-performance alloys?

Caveagna: Lately, we have observed a trend in demand for high-performance alloys - which are expected to be reliable products with stable and long-lasting performance - for the naval, automotive and aeronautics industries.

In this way, the development of special alloys fulfills the company's strategic need to increase its market share in the foreign markets.

As part of this quest, Termomecanica has been investing in programs of constant modernization and expansion, as defined by its traditional strategy of reinvesting profits.

About the company

Copper and copper alloy product manufacturer Termomecanica ranks among the largest Brazilian manufacturers of finished and semi-finished non-ferrous metals products.