Colombian job market gets boost from apps industry

Friday, October 14, 2016

The rising apps market has created 83,000 jobs in Colombia's economy, according to a study presented by economist Michael Mandel during the Colombia 4.0 event in the capital Bogotá.

Mandel noted that the Android system has helped create 71,000 jobs, 85% of the employment positions in Colombia's app industry. In addition, Mandel highlighted the long-term potential of this industry in the country's economy, as there is a growing demand for projects from companies, multinational banks, and governments.

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According to the study, Bogotá has developed 51,000 apps, or 61% of the country's total, followed by Medellín with 19,900, or 24%.

"Promoting the app economy in Colombia is a logical path towards growth and stability, as it requires less physical capital than traditional manufacturing industries. The only required resources are qualified labor and proper telecom connections, both national and international," said Mandel.

The digital economy represents 1.2% of the country's GDP, and could account for as much as 5% in 2018.