Akamai could see 20-30% of internet traffic from mobile in 5-7 years

Monday, May 30, 2011

Mobile could represent 20-30% of traffic for internet optimizing provider Akamai Technologies in the next 5-7 years compared with 5% today, with much growth coming from emerging markets like Latin America, Lior Netzer, Akamai's VP of mobile network strategy, told BNamericas.

"If you extrapolate the existing growth, and you assume it continues, mobile could be 20-30% of our traffic in 5-7 years," Netzer said, clarifying that refers to 20-30% of Akamai's customers' traffic.

"The way they look at mobile will change. So today they see it as another access method. They have a team that does iPhone apps, that does Android apps, that does mobile websites. They're starting to hire mobile strategists, they're starting to think of how is this mobile experience different and it's not just a smaller screen, it's a more personalized device," Netzer said.

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Part of the reason for Akamai's optimism is the strategic alliance the company signed with Ericsson (Nasdaq: ERIC) in February this year. The alliance will focus on bringing to market mobile cloud acceleration solutions aimed at improving internet experiences for e-commerce, enterprise solutions and internet content.

"There is a chance that they [emerging markets] will be more receptive to these new mobile offerings because they have mobile first. They don't have habits of working with fixed," Netzer said.

Akamai has 90,000 servers worldwide and "thousands" in Latin America, the executive said.

The company uses the servers to cache content closer to the end-user, which speeds up access and download time of web content and applications.