Orinoquía factory expected to produce 700,000 mobile phones this year

Monday, April 25, 2011

Venezuelan mobile phone factory Orinoquía is expected to produce 700,000 mobile phones this year, local paper El Nacional reported the country's science and technology minister, Ricardo Menéndez, as saying.

To help achieve this, the factory launched a new production line last week, according to the report.

Orinoquía has already manufactured 205,000 mobile phones since it was opened in May 2010. The factory produces three mobile phone models - C5589, G5580 and G6600.

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Venezuela's government owns 65% of the factory, while Chinese company Huawei owns the remaining 35%.

The country has another mobile phone factory called Vtelca - a joint venture between the government and Chinese company ZTE - which mostly produces a low-cost, basic phone called the Vergatario.