Telebrás considering 280 ISP candidates, warns against scams

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

More than 280 companies have already expressed interest in using the network of Brazilian state telecom company Telebrás to provide high-speed internet, Telebrás president Rogério Santanna said in a radio interview with the communications ministry (Minicom).

Telebrás, which is tied to Minicom, is managing the federal government's national broadband plan (PNBL) and is responsible for selecting as many ISPs as possible to help reduce internet costs for end users. Telebrás has scheduled PNBL's implementation to start in April, with expectations of linking 1,163 cities this year.

Santanna cautioned the public to keep alert about scams. Consumers in five states, he said, have received calls from service providers claiming to have government authority to supply connections under the PNBL.

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"Telebrás has not started selling internet yet to ISPs and will not sell one single megabit before April," he said.

Telebrás technicians are currently evaluating service provider candidates based on scale, location and plans for using the government network.