Telefónica Peru to ramp up infrastructure

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Telefónica's Peruvian unit will build a fiber network in the Amazonas region next year.

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The company said it will continue to improve its existing fiber optic network in the Amazonas, and built a new one from Bagua to Utcubamba. Javier Bereche, northern region manager of Telefónica Peru, said the telco will also connect mobile telephony antennas to a new satellite, strengthening access to mobile internet in the country's 24 northeastern localities.

Telefónica made these announcements after a series of service failures in the northeastern region, said daily La República. Bereche stressed that his company began carrying out infrastructure improvement works in several Amazonas municipalities.

Bereche noted that 50 out of the 56 service failures experienced in the northeastern region since October 2015 were caused by factors beyond the company's control.

Telefónica's investment plans for its Peruvian market include US$3bn to be allocated through 2020.