LatAm-US steel exports fall on Brazil slump

Friday, November 25, 2016

Latin America's steel exports to the US fell in October due to a sharp reduction in shipments from Brazil.

The region exported 533,437t, down from 789,660t in the same month last year, according to US Census Bureau data. By value, shipments fell to US$323mn from US$389mn. The figures for October this year are preliminary.

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Brazil's exports were 263,301t, less than half the 556,446t in October 2015. Exports were worth US$125mn, down from US$217mn.

Mexico exported 245,737t worth US$175mn, up from 222,601t and US$167mn.

By volume, Brazil was the second biggest steel exporter to the US after Canada, with Mexico fourth behind South Korea. By value, Mexico was third biggest after Canada and South Korea, with Brazil fifth behind Japan.

Global steel exports to the US in October were 2.43Mt worth US$1.89bn, down from 2.76Mt and US$2.10bn.

In September, Latin America exported 613,600t of steel to the US worth US$338mn, revised figures show.