Tecmin repositions its geological, mining services

Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Venezuela's Técnica Minera, (Tecmin) a subsidiary of state heavy industry giant CVG and a supplier of geological information services, is looking to consolidate its position in the local market as the main supplier of mining, geological and environmental studies, the company said.

Armando John Madero, Tecmin's president, said that in 2004 the company would focus on the requirements of the public and private sector involved in mining, oil and water.

In addition to mining and geology studies for research projects and other important services, Tecmin develops environmental impact studies.

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In conjunction with aluminum reducer Venalum, Tecmin is carrying out a study of soil characteristics to find an appropriate location for the construction of a new production line for the company.

During the year plans are under way to set up projects with Venezuela's Minera Hecla such as an environmental impact study for the area known as Block B in El Callao, an area currently leased to CVG Minerven for mining development.

"Moreover we will be doing an environmental impact study for the Adamantine diamond operation in the Guaniamo area of southern Bolivar state," Madero said.