Argentina launches northeast gas pipeline works

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Work has begun on the GNEA natural gas pipeline in northeast Argentina, the country's planning ministry (Minplan) announced.

The 25bn-peso (US$2.86) pipeline will be built in three sections, comprising 1,810km of trunk lines and 2,334km of branch lines across provinces Formosa, Chaco, Santa Fe, Salta, Corrientes and Misiones.

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GNEA will also connect to Bolivian gas transport infrastructure via the Juana Azurduy pipeline, facilitating gas imports to Argentina from Bolivia, which averaged 15.1Mm3/d in December 2014, according to Buenos Aires-based energy consultancy IAE General Mosconi.

Section I will supply 23 localities in Formosa, Salta and Santa Fe. Section II will serve 80 towns in Formosa, Chaco and Santa Fe. Section III will supply 65 towns in Corrientes and Misiones.

State-run energy company Enarsa awarded civil works tenders for sections I and II to Argentine firms Vertúa, Helport, CPC, Techinct, Contreras Hermanos, Panedile, Rovella Carranza, Chediack, UCSA, Conta Walter Mario, BTU, Esuco, Victor Contreras, and JCR.

Pipeline materials will be provided by SIAT and ROYO. Enarsa has not yet launched tenders for section III.

Pictured at top: Argentine planning minister Julio De Vido (third from right) at the GNEA construction launch (CREDIT: Minplan).