Oil & Gas: The week in 10 stories

Friday, September 7, 2018

Production of unconventional natural gas and oil in Argentina jumped 42.3% and 34.2%, respectively, year-on-year in July.


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The lower house approved a bill to establish the framework for the production, storage, transport, sale and mix of ethanol-based additives in gasoline and diesel.


Hydorcarbons regulator ANP approved the registration of 12 companies for the fifth production-sharing bidding round.

The watchdog also seeks a new carrier for the available capacity of the Bolivia-Brazil (Gasbol) gas pipeline.


Environment regulator SMA brought charges against state oil company Enap for alleged pollution in the Puchuncaví-Quintero.


Seven groups have expressed formal interest in securing exploration and production rights for 42 areas as part of the country's permanent offer process.

More than 2,000 contracted oil workers took part in a snap 24-hour strike on Thursday, which affected operations at the La Cira-Infantas field.

A new pipeline attack by armed groups caused a crude oil spill in the north.


OOS Energy secured its first drillship contract.


And the government is negotiating a new US$5bn credit line to bankroll its long-delayed Puerto La Cruz refinery expansion.