Pluspetrol reveals Peru investment plan

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Pluspetrol has released its 2015 work program for Camisea acreage in Peru.

In its annual report, block 88 operator Pluspetrol Camisea said exploration investment this year includes completion of drill location Kimaro and 2D seismic at Armihuari.

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Activities to increase production at the block include well workovers at Cashiriari 1.

Block 88 was Peru's main natural gas and NGLs producer in February.

At block 56, work will focus on pipeline replacement at production site Pagoreni, and completion of permitting and studies for compression project Mipaya, according to the annual report.

In Peru, Pluspetrol also holds blocks 1-AB, 8, 102 and 108.

Seismic was shot at block 108 earlier this year and authorities plan to launch a call for 1-AB, the contract for which expires in August.