Paraguay aims to become energy hub

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

"The process should continue to consolidate the position of Paraguay as an axis of regional energy integration based on the sustainable use of its natural resources and its strategic geographic location."

So reads energy policy decree 6092 just signed by President Horacio Cartes that calls for the use of Paraguay's hydroelectricity, bioenergy and alternative power sources, and the promotion of hydrocarbons production to reduce foreign dependence.

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To implement the policy, the decree appoints the cabinet chief as coordinator and the deputy mines and energy minister as general secretary.

Power sector objectives include strengthening the T&D grid, promotion of R&D to incorporate advanced technologies, and buildup of local capacity to supply goods, services and equipment.

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On the hydrocarbons front, objectives include further integration of state oil company Petropar into the value chain, promotion of qualified companies in E&P, and development of infrastructure to facilitate and diversify supply of lower cost fuels.

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