SMEs, corporations eager to adopt cloud computing - NEC

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Chilean SMEs and corporations are "eager" to adopt cloud computing, enabling them to see savings in total cost of ownership and energy expenses, Jose Ignacio Rio, product and presales manager for Chile with Japanese telecoms corporation NEC, told BNamericas.

According to Rio, companies can save 40% in total cost of ownership by investing in thin clients compared with an equivalent suite of traditional computers, and can save 70% in energy costs given that a thin client consumes some 25-30W compared with 250W for a traditional PC.

"I'd say there is not only receptiveness [to this technology in Chile], there is an eagerness to adopt it. The market wants it, it needs it, it craves it. The market knows what it is. It has found out that the way to be competitive is incorporating the latest technology in operations," Rio said.

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The reasons for adopting cloud computing differ for SMEs and large companies. For SMEs, the benefit of cloud computing is cost; it enables SMEs to access world class software in an on-demand format or for an accessible monthly fee.

"SMEs still have to invest more money than before, but the benefits are multiplied a thousand times," Rio said.

For large companies, cloud computing means greater availability of corporate information, allowing hyperconnectivity, greater mobility of workers and presence.

NEC and Spanish telecoms giant Telefonica (NYSE: TEF) have been working together in a strategic partnership to promote cloud computing in Latin America for the last year. The major service areas of applications include software as a service (SaaS), desktop/virtual PC as a service and other on-demand services and applications.

According to Rio, while the partnership is still in the initial stages in Latin America, in Spain, Telefonica generated 10,000 SaaS clients after just three months of offering the service.

"NEC's platform is capable of delivering SaaS for multiple vendors. This product oriented at the SME increases their competitiveness. They can access world class software for a monthly fee. That is ticketing software, CRM, accounting software tailored for each country," Rio said.