Challenges still seen for IT service exports

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Although IT service exports in Mexico have grown from US$50mn to more than US$4.15bn over its seven years of operation, industry promotion program MexicoIT said the country still has challenges to overcome in order to boost its development further.

The main challenges are creating a unified message for the local industry and proving to the world that Mexico does offer innovation, according to MexicoIT, a joint program between the private sector and the federal government that promotes the country globally as a leading IT services provider.

The global IT market will have to change, and it is imperative that Mexico be prepared, according to consultancy Forrester Research.

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For example, the offshore industry is seen relocating to new markets, such as Mexico, due to political and social uncertainties, business continuity, industry specialization and new relationships with innovative suppliers.

The consultancy expects the market to remain unchanged in BRIC countries until 2014, while emerging economies such as Mexico will continue to grow.

To harness these opportunities, Mexico should strengthen its international presence as a leading IT supplier and position itself as a country of technological innovation, according to Forrester.