Chile, Brazil, Venezuela lead social network use in Latin America - study

Monday, August 1, 2011

Chile, Brazil and Venezuela are spearheading social network use in Latin America, followed by Uruguay, Paraguay and Argentina, according to a study by market research company Tendencias Digitales.

According to the study, Latin America is ranked as a leading region in the use of social networks, with Chile, Paraguay and Argentina in the first three spots of Facebook adoption, followed by Uruguay, Venezuela and Costa Rica.

Regarding the microblogging platform Twitter, the first three places correspond to Uruguay, Venezuela and Chile, followed by Costa Rica, Puerto Rico and Brazil.

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Though Latin Americans are increasingly active on social networks, the specific uses of these tools are diverse.

Concerning Facebook, there are three types of users - those interested in socializing and games (40%), those interested in integrating multimedia resources (36%) and those looking to promote their businesses (24%).

With reference to Twitter, the study identifies five groups - followers (39%), media followers and people tweeting ideas and opinions (20%), broadcasters or people tweeting information (16%), users posting multimedia files and links (13%), and marketers (12%).

Regarding this last group, Tendencias Digitales president Carlos Jiménez said the challenge for companies is going further and discovering social media's potential, which not only relies on adoption, but also includes creating and sharing content and influencing others.