Disqualified Indra presents formal complaint

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Spanish IT firm Indra, the chosen and later disqualified bidder for a tender to modernize Chile's national ID cards and passports, has presented a formal complaint to the country's public procurement tribunal, local newspaper Diario Financiero reported.

According to the tribunal, Indra failed to submit the required guarantee on time to be eligible for the US$385mn civil registry contract. The ruling annuls the awarded contract and calls for a new procurement process.

Questioning the July award, Morpho and Sonda took the case to the tribunal, which has now declared that Indra cannot take part in the new tender.

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If Indra's complaint is accepted, the case will be seen by a court of appeal. According to the newspaper, the court could take 4-6 months to reach a decision.

The court has approved preliminary bidders Sice Agencia Chile, Bundesdruckerei GMBH, Sonda and Sagem Sécurité (now called Morpho) to take part in the new tender.