Domestic focus to drive Entersoft sales 20% this year, says exec

Monday, August 22, 2011

Chilean business solutions developer Entersoft expects sales to grow 20% this year to US$3mn, based on a new strategy to target domestic clients in the financial, retail and mining sectors, company general manager Rodrigo Acevedo told BNamericas.

Regions in Chile outside of capital Santiago have traditionally not been covered, noted Acevedo. "Many companies that need solutions don't come to the capital, while at the same time service providers don't go to regions." As such, the company is now in the process of realigning its business to supply locally.

Entersoft - one of four Chilean partners of US software provider CA Technologies (NYSE: CA) - specializes in workload automation, ERP software, applications and emerging technology.

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As representatives of CA, Entersoft has been providing services and participating in several projects around Latin America, in places such as Puerto Rico and Argentina.

One of the company's latest projects was with Colombian telco Telmex, implementing a CA Technology solution to simplify management processes and reduce operational costs. Acevedo did not disclose the project's price tag.

"The request for this specific solution is very strong in the region," said Acevedo, adding that there are few companies that specialize in these tools. "There are other providers in Brazil, but they cover mainly their own internal market."

Entersoft started in Chile 18 years ago, and since the partnership with CA Technology began six years ago, its sales have risen consistently year-on-year.

According to Acevedo, after the financial, retail and mining sector in Chile, Entersoft will target the salmon fisheries. "My business nose leads me in that direction," the executive said.