EMC seeing big data adoption in mining, oil, media companies

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

US storage solutions supplier EMC (NYSE: EMC) is seeing the fastest adoption of big data solutions in the Southern Cone among media content, retailers and oil and mining companies, EMC's Southern Cone marketing manager Martin Delia told BNamericas.

Big data is the process of extracting meaning and value from the analysis of unstructured data, like information on social networks or internal company information.

"Marketing and human resource departments know that all of this data is available. But it's no longer a question of just storing it but storing and using it intelligently," the executive said.

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According to Delia, there has been a surge of small media producer companies in Latin America in the last five years - not so much to analyze the data, but to process enormous amounts of data of HD video and other specialized content.

Mining and oil companies manage large volumes of geological data which they need to be able to make sense of for prospecting purposes.

"Today they have to analyze data in a different way, it is part of their core business. Retailers are another sector. They process a lot of information which is more traditional and transactional. But they see their brand broadcast and being talked about all over the social networks and need to have some control over that," Delia said. "They need fast return on investment and to respond to market pressures."

Another segment which can make real use of big data analytics is healthcare, which stores, for example, sophisticated x-rays and which wants that historic information available for comparisons.