Encrypted internet traffic on the rise in LatAm

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Encryption of internet traffic is increasing in Latin America as social media and video usage skyrocket and content providers seek greater security.

According to a study by intelligent broadband network solutions provider Sandvine, the level of encryption of internet traffic will double to 80% in North America this year.

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Encryption does not mean that traffic is undetectable, rather it means the content is private, said Sandvine sales engineer Regis Martins.

Encrypting traffic does have its downsides, namely using up more processing power and affecting battery life.

It can also negatively impact video optimization and caching solutions, which operators have deployed to improve efficiency of network use.

As much as 98% of Youtube traffic is encrypted today. Netflix has not been encrypting traffic but will start doing so.

The type of internet traffic to be encrypted will differ between North and South America.

In North America, the leading source of internet traffic is Youtube and Facebook comes second, whereas in Latin America, the leading source of traffic is Facebook, followed by Whatsapp and Youtube in fourth place. Google cloud is third in Latin America but only seventh in the US.

The difference is predominantly due to the popularity of the iPhone in North America, whereas Android is the most popular mobile operating system in Latin America. On the same note, Whatsapp does not have anywhere near the same relevance in North America as it does in its southern neighbor.