From chief information officer to chief integration officer, study finds

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Highly flexible architectures, multiple platforms, network-oriented organizations and collaborative process structures will redefine the new profile of the CIO, according to a study by Lodestone Management Consultants.

The study, conducted by Germany's University of Applied Sciences Ingolstadt between 2007 and 2011, found that with the advent of the client/server technology the profile of the CIO has starting to move from an information officer to an integration manager.

Current and future innovations require a chief integration manager, who deals with the harmonization of ERP systems across the different regions and divisions in order to achieve further cost savings, according to the study.

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In addition, in light of the increasing growth of outsourcing services, with entire areas of operations being outsourced, CIOs will be more involved in the integration of external applications and infrastructures, according to the study, rather than just in charge of of IT projects.

Additionally, the importance of IT is increasing so much that it will no longer have merely a supporting function, but will become part of, and will optimize, core business processes.