Government plans to digitalize 100% of civil registry information by 2012

Monday, January 17, 2011

Ecuador's government plans to have 100% of information at the civil registry digitalized by 2012, state-run media outlet El Ciudadano reported.

In conjunction with the digitalization of the civil registry, the government aims to install info centers for people with disabilities and store information from registries and notaries in a state database, to be held in the national public data registry.

Additionally, telecoms minister Jaime Guerrero highlighted the civil registry's improvement on state identification cards, currently utilizing the latest technology with chips that store personal information. The goal is to eventually store medical information and records on the chips, as well.

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Another government ICT goal is to bring internet access to 100% of technology laboratories located in 7,900 marginal public schools in rural and urban areas throughout the country. This would add to the 2,300 marginal schools that are already connected.

The ministry also plans to repower mobile operator Alegro through the purchase of a new wireless network to be ready for use in the middle of 2011. The government hopes to also see number portability available by the beginning of 2013.

The government is painting 2011 as the year of the technology boom in Ecuador, through the start of the country's digital television and digital strategy master plan. This plan includes a set of policies that over the next 20 years will aim for technological development to improve the lives of Ecuadorians.