IBM director highlights lack of promotion for local technology

Friday, September 16, 2011

Technology made and created in Mexico receives no preferential treatment in the country compared to foreign technology, IBM's (NYSE: IBM) president and general manager for Mexico and Latin America, Hugo Santana Londoño, was quoted as saying by online news agency Terra.

According to Santana, Mexican technology is favored "neither by government, nor in the public or academic sector... which is unbelievable."

IBM México produces technology worth close to US$1.5bn, which is exported to the five continents but within the country itself has no additional value, the executive said.

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By comparison, Brazil has a more protectionist approach, with many efforts to promote and favor local technology.

Technology from Mexico is recognized worldwide for its high quality, as is the creativity of local applications developers, Santana said.

In this context, IBM has identified Mexico as one of 20 countries where it plans to invest, and has already announced investments of more than US$26mn to expand and improve its facilities.