Internet gains relevance for Mexican jobseekers

Thursday, November 24, 2016

How the internet is changing the way Mexicans look for employment opportunities became evident in the latest study from Mexican internet association Amipci, which indicates that one in nine people use online job banks.

This year's edition of Amipci's "Employment Search in Mexico" study surveyed 1,814 people. Of these, 76% had a higher education degree, 79% were 18-49 years of age, and 40% had a full-time job.

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The percentage of people using job banks increased from last year, with 90% of Amipci's sample population using these tools this year, compared to 71% a year ago. Similarly, 31% used social media to look for jobs this year, up 5% from last year.

A previous study from Amipci shows that Facebook is the most frequently used social network in Mexico, with 92% of those surveyed using the social network across all devices.

The percentage of people seeking jobs directly from a company's webpage decreased from 35% last year to 32% this year.

Job bank OCCMundial was the most popular online job-seeking platform, with 85% of the population knowing about it and 75% using it. Some 52% of participants obtained an interview and 46% landed a new job using this platform.

The study showed that one in two people use the internet to look for jobs in spite of being employed. Of the sample, 52% used the internet to look for a new job, 19% found a new job online and 27% monitor job banks for available positions, although not actively.

As for the preferred job-hunting device, 71% of the sample use computers, while the rest use mobile apps installed on their smartphones (27%) or tablets (3%).

According to the study, the main reasons Mexicans use the internet to find new jobs are professional growth, salary and in order to a achieving a balance between their personal and professional lives.