Latin American BI market grows 20% in 2010

Friday, June 10, 2011

Latin America's BI market expanded 20% in 2010, international press reported, quoting a study by consultancy Gartner.

In the region, the countries where BI development stood out include Colombia, Chile and Brazil, according to the study "Market Share Analysis: Business Intelligence (BI), Analytics and Performance Management, 2010, Worldwide."

Global IT expenses were impacted during the financial crisis, and the BI market slowed to a 4.2% increase in 2009. But last year, an overall macroeconomic recovery helped resurgence in BI software, with expenditures reaching 13.4% growth to US$10.5bn.

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BI platforms contributed with 63.7% of overall revenues from BI software globally. CPM suites represented 20.6%, while analytics and performance management applications stood at 15.7%.

SAP was underlined as global leader in the BI segment, coming in with a 23% market share and a 16.8% growth rate during the last two years.

In Latin America, SAP surpassed the regional average with 66% growth in 2010.