Market to see lots of public cloud offerings in 2012, says EMC

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Chile's market is likely to see a spike in public cloud offerings in 2012, as companies shed some of their apprehensions regarding security and performance in this emerging technology and move non-core areas such as e-mail and storage to the cloud, US storage solutions supplier EMC's (NYSE: EMC) Southern Cone marketing manager, Martín D'Elia, told BNamericas.

"We have some clients looking for backup. No one wants to invest in backup. It's not sexy; it's always a complex issue. So it's a good option to put into the cloud. You have to ask yourself, 'What is not critical?'" D'Elia said.

Other areas being put into the cloud include reporting, some customer related activities and payment gateways.

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"What we haven't seen are large virtualized systems," in solutions such as VMware's (NYSE: VMW) vSphere 5, which introduced this year the idea of "monster" virtual machines that can provide massive capacity to enable organizations to move their mission critical applications into virtual environments.

The executive said that concerns regarding security and performance in the cloud are more related to public than private clouds and that some clients have said that definitively there are areas of business they will never migrate to the cloud.

"We're going to see something that is heterogeneous. We're never going to see everything 100% in the cloud. People don't want problems and aren't going to play around with their core applications. But cloud gives you the opportunity to move much more quickly and generate things more quickly. That's the big advantage," D'Elia said.