Minister: Bogotá losing competitiveness due to lack of IT investment

Monday, July 18, 2011

Colombia's capital Bogotá is losing out in terms of competitiveness because of lack of investment in the IT sector, ICT minister Diego Molano said at a forum to discuss the future of municipally owned operator ETB.

According to the minister, Bogotá has dropped from fifth place to ninth among Colombian cities in terms of competitiveness and, as a consequence, internet broadband penetration has decreased in the capital.

Bogotá's internet penetration is 12.78%, whereas in cities like Medellín it is 13.85%, Bucaramanga 14.81% and even the satellite town of Chia has 13.78%.

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When compared with other Latin American cities Bogotá has "fallen behind," the minister added. As an example, internet penetration in Argentina's capital Buenos Aires is 63.5%, in Santiago, Chile it is 48% and in Lima, Peru, 29%.

"We need better investment, so people from Bogotá can have more broadband, because this is the first tool needed to improve competitiveness, job generation and to reduce poverty," said Molano.

According to statistics from the ministry, Bogotá has 941,546 internet connections, of which 868,965 are broadband and 72,581 are dial up.