Open source software has been unrewarding for country - study

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The public sector's efforts and investments in open source systems have not borne fruit in Brazil, online news source Convergência Digital reported, citing a study by international consultancy IDC.

Despite that the government has supported and invested in this model for a decade, open source software accounted for only 2.95% of the market in 2010, according to the study, published by software industry association Abes. The figure is equivalent to US$563mn of the US$19bn in software and services revenues in Brazil last year.

Abes president Gerson Schmitt considers the open source software model to be unsustainable in Brazil, particularly since the public sector accounts for 66% of the segment.

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"The study confirms what entrepreneurs have warned the government about for years without being heard: The open software model does not produce innovation, is more labor intensive, is less rewarding for the entire production chain, is not sustainable and would be virtually nonexistent in terms of GDP without the government as its main supporter," Schmitt was quoted as saying.

Abes believes it would be in Brazil's best interest to promote the protection of intellectual property and proprietary technologies to stimulate competitive standards in the market.