PC Sistemas invests US$1.5mn in RFID center for logistics

Monday, June 13, 2011

Brazilian IT company PC Sistemas has invested 2.4mn reais (US$1.5mn) to establish a laboratory in Goiânia to test RFID solutions, Computer World reported.

The new center will reportedly be the first in Latin America based on this technology for the logistics industry. It will focus on developing systems to control distributors' and wholesalers' inventories through RFID solutions, since this segment has very tight margins and inventory control is vital to the success of business.

"Our objective is to create solutions that allow faster inventory of goods that go in and out of distribution centers for delivery to retail stores," PC Sistemas president Wagner Patrus was quoted as saying.

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But Brazil still faces many barriers to adopting RFID technology in products for consumer goods because of the high cost of tags, ranging between 0.06 and 0.08 reais (US$0.04-0.05). "It's too expensive for the industry to put a label on every item that goes to the stores. You need to have scale," said the executive.

Because of this price barrier, PC Sistemas' proposal is to put RFID tags on pallets that will be read by an antenna, as opposed to the current use of barcode readers. By comparison, it takes about two days with barcode readers to carry out inventory on a 10,000m2 distribution center, he noted, while employing RFID for the same chore would take about two hours.

The new lab, based on models used by logistics centers in Europe and the US, will also develop and make real-time technology-use simulations for distributors and wholesalers.

The company' client base currently reaches some 3,000 firms. It has six offices across Brazil.