SAP recruiting local partners to increase SMB coverage

Monday, April 4, 2011

SAP (NYSE: SAP) is ready to recruit partners to increase its SMB coverage in Mexico, local media outlet Infochannel reported SAP Mexico and Central America's commercial VP, Ramón Álvarez, as saying.

According to Álvarez, SAP is looking to recruit partners that can provide the company with geographic or industry presence.

SAP will seek out partners specializing in CRM, supply chain management and human capital solutions, which are areas that the IT firm wants to improve its presence in. The geographies where SAP believes it will have the best opportunity to expand into the SMB market are the southeast, Pacific and Bajío regions.

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More specifically, Álvarez said that in the southeast, the growing companies are interested in implementing ERP and business intelligence solutions. In the other regions of interest, he said, markets such as agroindustry and manufacturing require more business management solutions. As such, many SAP partners are opening new offices to meet clients' needs in these areas.

The company offers the free SAP Channel University program to train partners in selling its solutions, while also allowing them to receive certification. SAP is supported in its recruitment process by its wholesalers in the country, such as CompuSoluciones, Grupo Xamai and Avit.