Sleek units key for IT market, says Sonda Procwork

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

IT companies function most efficiently when organized into small, multidisciplinary teams with short deadlines, according to Sergio Landim, business director for Sonda Procwork, the Brazilian unit of Chilean IT systems integrator Sonda.

Working in this way, Landim said in a statement, developers, needs evaluators and test analysts can better sustain and build systems to meet the IT marketplace's diverse demands.

"The model requires operating cells that result in greater assertiveness and teamwork," Landim wrote, dubbing it a "scrum style" after a common rugby formation. "In the meetings where objectives are defined, the entire team participates in the decision-making and acceptance of the work scope following the deadlines and quality requirements of the product owner (the client)."

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Sonda has operated in Brazil for 20 years and maintains 1,200 clients across 31 local offices. Internationally, the company's market capitalization exceeds US$2bn.