Social networks promote government transparency, says Rousseff

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Social networks can help in promoting more transparent governments, state news source Agência Brasil reported Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff as saying.

In an event parallel to the UN general assembly session, Rousseff participated with US President Barack Obama in New York in the launch of an international and multilateral action named Governo Aberto (Open Government). The project is a result of a partnership between the US and Brazil and engages 60 countries across the world.

Brazil's president said social media use is an "essential" tool for improving public services related to health, education, infrastructure and environment.

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Moreover, Rousseff stressed the importance of these networks in coordinating public protest. "Internet and social networks are playing an increasingly important role in civic mobilization. We have seen the power of these tools in the democratic awakening of countries in North Africa and the Middle East," the president said.

In a presentation to other heads of state, Rousseff said that Brazilian national broadband program PNBL will solve what in her opinion is the major problem concerning internet access in the country - high costs.

The president also underlined initiatives taken by her government to enable public access to government information, like Portal da Transparência (transparency portal), which offers online information such as federal spending and updates regarding federal inspector CGU 's anticorruption efforts.