Tablet sales seen hitting 300,000 this year

Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Brazilian market will buy an estimated 300,000 tablets in 2011, with demand increasing in the second half of the year, IT consultancy IDC said in a statement.

In 2010, Brazilians purchased some 100,000 tablets, including devices picked up abroad or imported illegally, IDC added.

Lower-than-expected tablet costs stimulated demand in Brazil, IDC research coordinator Luciano Crippa said. Price tags averaged about 1,600 reais (US$957), below anticipations in excess of 2,000 reais.

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Tablet patrons mostly came from the country's community of technology aficionados. Sales are expected to increase, IDC said, when consumers become more familiar with the product, and finish analyzing new and forthcoming models.

Aside from retail shoppers, the corporate and education sectors are seen as leading tablet buyers. IDC predicts tablets will compete with netbooks and smartphones, but it does not forecast a decline for the latter apparatuses.

The consultancy expects demand for tablets to increase in 2H11, when domestically produced tablets arrive to market. Government plans to reduce taxes on tablet production in Brazil, however, will yield results only in 2012 or beyond, IDC added.