Totvs expects to reach 100 clients with social network platform by year-end

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Brazilian software development group Totvs (Bovespa: TOTS3) expects to reach 100 clients by the end of the year with its social network platform, company VP Marcelo Monteiro told BNamericas.

Totvs has launched a social network-type solution for the corporate environment named "By You," which allows users to have a corporate and personal network in the same environment but "separating the information," Monteiro said.

The solution was first implemented internally at Totvs environment, which has around 10,000 direct users, Monteiro said, "and the next stage is to implement it for two clients - Banco Santander in Brazil and the Brazilian university network, which is a network of universities that has around 110,000 students."

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The company expects to later launch the solution in the rest of the region.

According to the executive, companies are adapting "incredibly" well to the development of new technology, and social networking is one of the main changes in today's working and social culture.

The reception of this new product idea has been "spectacular," Monteiro said, because companies are coming to understand that social networking is a "movement and that there is no turning back." In fact, this is the first time that the industry is trying to "follow and adjust to reality."

"Social networking has started to grow so fast that society has adapted. Most people nowadays communicate through the internet, some of them don't even have email," the executive said.

With this platform, Monteiro said, companies can guarantee the identity of people "at the other end," which is one of the main risks of social networks.

Although the solution has been well received, Monteiro said, companies need to understand that it is not a matter of just "going, selling and implementing" a solution. It needs a change in the "culture of each client, where the management of the company, from the shop floor to board level ,needs to be ready" because the platform allows the unrestricted flow of communication for all.