Touchscreen typing system frustrating users, says report

Friday, July 8, 2011

The touchscreen typing system used in tablets is discouraging people from engaging in more complex activities, according to a study commissioned by UK user interface company KeyPoint Technologies and carried out by online community Opinion Mattersonline.

According to the study, 44% of tablet users' biggest frustration is typing long documents of more than 500 words, followed by battery (36%) and connectivity concerns (23%).

When questioned, users reported that it is not the on-screen keyboard itself that causes issues, but rather the poor auto-correction, predictive text and copy and paste functions associated with it.

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"The poor typing experience leaves people viewing the devices as a compromised hybrid, midway between a smartphone and a laptop. Only with improved - faster and more accurate - text input technologies can the tablet become a realistic replacement for a laptop and a real aid to productivity," said the CTO of KeyPoint Technologies, Sunil Motaparti.

The research, carried out in June, was based on the response from 1,011 people in the US who used tablet computers such as the iPad.