Valetec looks to attract companies to tech park

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Brazil's Vale do Sinos Technology Park (Valetec), in Rio Grande do Sul state, has made a call for ICT companies to apply for sites in the park and expects to attract 17 such firms, according to Valetec's website.

Valetec is looking for entities committed to entrepreneurial, economic, scientific, and technological development, to bring further benefits for companies already set up at the park.

Among the selection criteria are factors such as willingness to innovate, contribution to local competitiveness and generation of new jobs.

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Some of the park's benefits are incentives from associated municipalities, access to infrastructure and services, institutional support by Valetec partners, use of shared spaces and services to reduce costs, and the possibility of forming partnerships with other members.

Created in 1998, Valetec's main objective is to promote the region's technological development, seeking integration and incentives for entrepreneurship and creating and developing companies and research. The 969m2 facility is in Hamburgo Velho.

Some of Valetec's members are Brazilian government investment agency Finep, local IT firm association Assespro, and national electric and electronics industry association Abinee.