Two mobile phone manufacturers to install factories in Tierra del Fuego

Monday, August 7, 2006

The Argentine government has given another two mobile phone manufacturers the green light to install factories in the southern Tierra del Fuego province, newspaper El Cronista reported.

The companies, Noblex and Tecnotronic, plan to invest 7.8mn pesos (US$2.55mn) and 8.8mn pesos respectively.

Noblex is expected to start operations in 240 days and plans to produce an annual average of 360,000 units in its third year of operations, while Tecnotronic expects to reach a production range of between 180,000 and 480,000 units per year, according to the newspaper.

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Executives at Noblex said the company would manufacture equipment for Chinese, Japanese and Korean mobile phone suppliers.

In July, manufacturers Moon Manufacturers, Iatec, Cisa Fueguina and Mach Austral were granted permission to install factories in Tierra del Fuego with estimated investments of 20mn pesos.

Last year, Miami-based wireless equipment distributor Brightstar Corporation began manufacturing GSM mobile phones in Tierra del Fuego in a factory that is expected to reach an annual capacity of 1.5 million units.