Unlimited voice, SMS becoming widespread in Mexico

Monday, October 17, 2016

Operators in Mexico are opting for more affordable mobile telephony plans, with 61% of service providers offering unlimited voice and SMS services compared to 12% last year, according to regulator IFT.

IFT released its 2015-2016 mobile price report, which examined 134 postpaid and 26 prepaid plans from both concessionaires and MVNOs. The results indicate that mobile phone plans are becoming more affordable and offer a wider variety of services.

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In the postpaid segment, 73% of plans offer between 1,000Mb and 8,448Mb, and 98% include free access to social media, with conditions varying across service providers. Last year 63% of postpaid plans offered between 1,024Mb and 8,192Mb, while 46% provided free access to social media.

The decrease in the price of mobile data usage and SMS, as well as free access to social media, caused a 13% y-o-y decline in operators' revenues in the second quarter of this year.

Plans for the prepaid segment exhibited decreases in the cost of voice and SMS services for larger balance recharges.

Voice services saw cost reductions of between 33% and 100% depending on the operator, while the cost of SMS services decreased up to 100%. The cost per megabyte dropped between 43% and 99%.