Govts preparing plan to cut Pilcomayo river contamination, erosion

Thursday, August 18, 2011

The governments of Argentina, Bolivia and Paraguay are drawing up plans for a project to mitigate contamination and erosion on the Pilcomayo river, Paraguay's environment ministry (Seam) said in a release.

The officials are due to launch the project starting October under a program aimed at sustainable water resource development in the Plata river basin.

The program, backed by the UN environment program and the Organization of American States (OAS), aims to improve management of the river to reduce contamination from mines and soil erosion, as well as sedimentation along Bolivia's Cotagaita sub-basin.

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The initiative also aims to educate local residents of acute cross-border problems related to water quality and ground erosion, transport and sedimentation, and minimize risks which perpetuate these problems.

The program requires US$885,000, which will come from the global environment fund (GEF).

The Pilcomayo river runs through Bolivia, Argentina and Paraguay, and intersects with the Paraguay river.