Semarnat to spend US$103mn on Durango drought prevention

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Mexico's environment ministry, Semarnat, plans to invest 1.26bn pesos (US$103mn) in projects to combat drought in Durango state, according to a release.

The state has received just 10mm of rain this year compared with its annual average of 173mm, causing a severe drought.

The national government will provide 1.08bn pesos, with the remainder of the investment, 177mn pesos, provided by the Durango state government. Semarnat will spend 73% of the allocated funds on water management programs.

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Part of the funds will be used to preserve the state's forests through the ProÁrbol program. Recognizing the role of forests in the preservation of water, Semarnat head Juan Rafael Elvira said 95mn pesos will be spent on reforestation and the preservation of 14,500ha of forest.