New Projects (98)

Project Name
Road Corridor BB (Bahía Blanca access network)
Improvement of the Chongón-Progreso-Santa Elena road
Pachapaqui expansion
Panama III fourth transmission line - phase II
Chiriqui Grande electrical substation
Colquiri 2000 TPD concentrator plant
Improvement of the International Crossing over Marowijne River
Oil storage terminal (Tuxpan)
Panama III electrical substation
National sports complex (Videna)
Panama III fourth transmission line - phase I
Expansion and rehabilitation of the North Panama aqueduct
Poderosa mine expansion
Chimú hydro plant
Moquegua 1 and 3 hydro plants
B2 tin tailings reprocessing
Sebastopol refinery
Interconnection of Baja California's electric system to the national electric grid
Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) System in Cuernavaca (Morebús)