Project in Electric Power

Development Stages

Project Name Investment Stage
Ullum N 2 solar park
Ullum N 1 solar park
Umburanas 8 wind farm
Umburanas 6 wind farm
Lares and Yanatile I, II and III hydro plant
Umburanas 5 wind farm
Umburanas 3 wind farm
Umburanas 21 wind farm
Umburanas 10 wind farm
Penonomé solar PV plant
Natural World Energy solar park
Potrero solar
Delta 5 I wind farm
Alpha wind farm
Sol de Vallenar solar plant
Candelon Wind Farm
Campo Largo XV wind farm
Campo Largo VI wind farm
Dracena 4 photovoltaic solar plant
Belo Monte 13 hydro plant

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Number of projects by country

Number of projects by sector