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Infrastructure - Colombia

Reparación corredores ferroviarios La Dorada-Chiriguaná y Bogotá-Belencito


The project calls for carrying out repair works on two railway corridors that were severely damaged during 2011. It entails repair work as well as the administration, upgrades, maintenance, security and traffic control in two corridors: the La Dorada, the Chiriguaná corridor and the Bogotá - Belencito corridor, totaling 875km of railways. In the case of the first project, the tender also includes works on the Puerto Berrío - Cabañas stretch, and the Puerto Capulco branch, totaling 558km. In the case of the second corridor, the tender includes works on the La Caro - Zipaquirá and Bogotá - Facatativá stretches, totaling 317km. The project has a referential budget of 153bn pesos (US$84.3mn), with 79.6bn pesos going towards the La Dorada - Chiriguaná corridor, and 73.6bn pesos to be allocated for the Bogotá - Belencito corridor.

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General Information

Short names Reparación corredores ferroviarios La Dorada-Chiriguaná y Bogotá-Belencito
Country Colombia
Primary activities, subsector Infrastructure
Secondary activities Railroads

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