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Generación Mediterránea S.A.

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Generación Mediterránea S.A. (GMSA), a subsidiary of Argentine company Albanesi S.A., engages in the generation and sale of electricity. Created in 1993, the Buenos Aires-based company is the owner and operator of the Modesto Maranzana thermal power plant, located in Río Cuarto city, Córdoba province. The power plant was expanded in 2008 and further expanded in 2010 with the addition of a third turbine, reaching its current installed capacity of 250MW. The plant is connected to Argentina's SADI grid through the high voltage network run by EPEC. In 2016, the company was merged with three other power generation companies from the Albanesi group. The absorbed firms were Generación Independencia (GISA), Generación La Banda (GLBSA) and Generación Riojana (GRISA). Pursuant to the merger agreement, the power plants that used to be owned by the absorbed companies are now owned by GMSA. Currently, the company is working on expanding the Riojana thermal power plant in La Rioja city by adding a 50MW turbine. Additionally, the last phase of Modesto Maranzana power plant's expansion project, which will add 100MW to the existing 250MW of installed capacity, is under way through the installation of two 50MW turbines.
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