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Clinton Vows to Reduce Steel Imports

Bnamericas Published: Friday, August 06, 1999
United States President Bill Clinton vowed yesterday to combat the "unfair trade practices of other countries" which he said had contributed to increased steel imports to the US. Following a meeting with US steel industry directors, union officials and congressmen from steelmaking areas of the country, Clinton and his advisors drew up a 12-point plan to ease fears in the industry over high import levels. "I am dedicated to continue taking vigorous action," said Clinton "in response to the unfair trade practices which have largely contributed to this crisis (in the US steel industry)." The measures endorsed include continuing with high import tariffs or quotas for steel and steel products from countries which the US Commerce Department deem practice dumping and/or subsidize their steel industries, these include several Latin American countries such as Brazil and Mexico. The US government also plans to hold an international conference on unfair trade practices and global production capacity surplus in the world's steel industry.

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