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Algar Telecom, Brain and Multivision sign international partnership for autonomous and intelligent telecommunications networks

Bnamericas Published: Thursday, January 05, 2023

This is a machine translation of Algar Telecom's press release

São Paulo, January 2023 -- Algar Telecom, Brain (the innovation and digital business center founded by the company) and Multivision, a Portuguese company in the areas of telecommunications and information technology, signed an agreement for the mutual development of solutions for optimization of telecommunications networks.

The partnership aims to use data analysis and artificial intelligence for predictive action on network problems, in addition to building offers, products and services for end customers.

The commitment between the two companies was signed at Multivision's headquarters, held during the Brain 2022 Mission, in Lisbon, Portugal. Ana Paula Rodrigues, VP of People at Algar Telecom, Zaima Milazzo, President of Brain, Edson Leite, CEO and Partner at Multivision, and Sameer Ibraimo, Managing Partner at Multivision, were present at the signing.

“This partnership is a milestone for the internationalization of Brain and reinforces our purpose of accelerating innovation in our target companies, connecting us with trends in business, technology and market, with Portugal being a great promoter and driver of our strategy. In this way, we unite the expertise of Algar Telecom, Brain and Multivision to break new technological frontiers and advance towards a new future in the telecommunications market, improving the experience of our customers on both sides of the Atlantic”, says Zaima Milazzo, President of Brain.

“It is with enthusiasm and expectation that we have concluded the partnership with Algar Telecom and Brain. The long and notable presence in the market of Algar Telecom, combined with the disruptive dynamics of Brain, Multivision will bring the multidisciplinarity, agility and youth of professionals, experience in telecommunications in other continents and financial investment”, says Edson Leite, CEO of Multivision.

Brain took a delegation formed by executives from Grupo Algar, Algar Telecom, Grupo Cornélio Brennand, Cedro Technologies and TQI, for an immersion in business, startups and innovation in Portugal – a country considered one of the main hubs of technology in the world.

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