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Bemobi and Voltz offer, in partnership, digital payment solutions for Energisa Group customers

Bnamericas Published: Monday, September 12, 2022

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São Paulo, September 2022 - Bemobi (BMOB3), a pioneering technology company and leader in offering solutions and mobile platforms for digital services, microfinance and payments, has just entered into a partnership with Grupo Energisa (ENGI11) to offer of digital payment for the users of the electric energy concessionaire. The solutions will be implemented together with Voltz, the first fintech in the energy sector, created by Energisa, the largest private group with national capital in the electricity sector and which serves 8.3 million customers in 862 municipalities in the five regions of Brazil.

The digital payment journey for Energisa's customers will be covered by the solutions implemented by Bemobi and Voltz – from sales channels customized by user profile to fraud prevention and payment reconciliation systems, in addition to a digital checkout that will accept the main means of payment available in the Brazilian market.

“This agreement with Grupo Energisa is a milestone in Bemobi's history", says Pedro Ripper, the company's co-founder and CEO. ”

The Brazilian utilities market, made up of more than 80 million consumers and processing an estimated 247 billion reais in payments annually, has been accelerating initiatives to digitize the customer journey, driven by the growing banking movement in recent years.

“Voltz was conceived with the aim of making our customers' lives easier and enabling greater financial inclusion, this partnership is another step towards achieving this goal. As it is a partnership involving a company from Grupo Energisa, the product to be launched meets the needs of our customers as well as the Company”, says Antonio Tovar, Financial Director of Grupo Energisa.

The companies will implement a means of payment platform that will allow Energisa Group customers to pay their bills through any channel – website, app, IVR, WhatsApp, among others – with credit and debit cards and digital market wallets. Users will still be able to pay invoices in up to 24 installments.

“In addition to improving our customers' experience, offering flexible payment and installment options, we also hope to increase our customer's payment and satisfaction rates. As it is a latent pain in the sector, this is an offer that not only serves Energisa or the energy distribution sector, but any utility company, opening a new market for our partnership”, says Daniel Orlean, co-CEO from Volta.

Bemobi's end-to-end payment technology is already used in the "white label" model by all the main telecom operators in Brazil. The platform allows users to buy their top-ups and pay for their plans, in various digital channels, with credit and debit cards and PIX, among other electronic payment options, in a safe and simple way.

Bemobi is the largest provider of payment technology solutions for telecom operators in the country. Annually, its platform manages a volume of payments (TPV) of more than 6 billion reais and has a recurring relationship with more than 28 million users.

Created in Brazil, but with a strong and growing global presence, Bemobi's mission is to accelerate the democratization of the consumption of digital services in the emerging markets in which it operates. The company is present in 46 countries through partnerships with 103 companies, including telephone operators, digital banks, fintechs, e-commerces and now, also, with companies in the utilities sector, a market with an addressable TPV about three times higher to that of Brazilian telecoms.

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About Grupo Energisa

Grupo Energisa is the largest private group in the electricity sector with national capital and also the largest in the Legal Amazon. One of the first companies to go public in Brazil, the company controls 11 distributors in Minas Gerais, Paraíba, Rio de Janeiro, Sergipe, Mato Grosso, Mato Grosso do Sul, Tocantins, São Paulo, Paraná, Rondônia and Acre. With annual net revenue of BRL 23.6 billion, the Group serves more than 8 million customers (representing a serviced population of more than 20 million people) in 862 municipalities in all regions of Brazil, in addition to generating around than 20 thousand direct and indirect jobs.

About Voltz

A fintech pioneer in the electricity sector, Voltz is the startup of Grupo Energisa - which has been providing electricity to millions of Brazilians for over 117 years - and which now brings even more benefits to its projects, through a free digital account and several others. financial products, capable of replacing not only the main banking services offered by traditional banks but also accelerating innovation in financial services for customers in all cities in Brazil.

About Bemobi

Born in Brazil, but with global operations, Bemobi is a pioneering technology company focused on offering mobile solutions and platforms for digital services, microfinance and payments. Its innovative business model, with B2B2C distribution, has solid adherence to the reality of a large part of the Brazilian population and other emerging countries with a similar profile. With more than 36 million customers of digital subscription services, Bemobi currently works in partnership with 103 companies spread over more than 40 countries around the world. Bemobi also operates in the microfinance segment with the aim of democratizing access to mobile digital services. Bemobi currently employs over 700 employees. Its people management policy was recognized with several awards.

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