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Brazil: Ten of the 26 cities with more than 500,000 inhabitants do not have antenna laws prepared for 5G

Bnamericas Published: Wednesday, January 25, 2023

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Brasília, 01/25/23 – In 2022, 5G will reach all Brazilian capitals. The next target set in the auction provides for serving all cities with more than 500,000 inhabitants with one antenna for every 10,000 inhabitants. To meet the next step, however, mobile network operators still face major challenges in installing the necessary infrastructure for the new technology.

According to information from Conexis Brasil Digital, based on data from Conecta 5G, a project by telecom operators with the objective of disseminating information and expanding knowledge about 5G throughout Brazil, of the 26 municipalities with more than 500 thousand inhabitants, excluding the capitals, 10 do not have antenna laws prepared for 5G.

These cities need new legislation to adapt and enable the implementation and expansion of new technology in their territories. These are the cities of Ananindeua (PA), Aparecida de Goiânia (GO), Belford Roxo (RJ), Campinas (SP), Guarulhos (SP), Nova Iguaçu (RJ), Osasco (SP), São Bernardo do Campo (SP) , Serra (ES) and Vila Velha (ES).

The notice provides for the installation of 5G in cities with more than 500,000 by July 2025. The 3.5 GHz band, which is the main 5G frequency, already has authorization from Anatel for commercial activation in these cities, but, despite of this authorization, the anticipation of the 5G deployment depends on several relevant factors, such as favorable municipal legislation, for example.

According to the survey, another 12 municipalities with more than 500,000 inhabitants have specific legislation on the subject, which is considered positive by the sector, but still require greater adherence to the guidelines of the General Antenna Law (National Law No. 13,116/2015) and licensing best practices. This list includes Caxias do Sul (RS), Contagem (MG), Duque de Caxias (RJ), Feira de Santana (BA), Jaboatão dos Guararapes (PE), Juiz de Fora (MG), Londrina (PR), Niterói (RJ), Ribeirão Preto (SP), Santo André (SP), São Gonçalo (RJ) and Sorocaba (SP).

Four cities already have legislation and municipal bureaucratic processes that make the environment favorable for the arrival of 5G: Campos dos Goytacazes (RJ), Joinville (SC), São José dos Campos (SP) and Uberlândia (MG).

The adequacy of municipal laws and regulations is one of the major obstacles faced by operators in expanding connectivity. Even in some capitals that have already received 5G, the change in antenna legislation continues to be essential for the expansion of the service and proper coverage.

“The sector sees the adequacy of municipal legislation on antennas as fundamental for the expansion of 5G. Municipal laws and processes that facilitate the installation of telecommunications infrastructure provide more legal certainty and encourage investments in the telecom sector and also in other sectors that benefit from the advancement of connectivity”, highlighted the executive president of Conexis Brasil Digital, Marcos Ferrari . “With more connectivity, the citizen always wins.”

Connect 5G

To help inform the population and disseminate true information about connectivity and about 5G, the providers associated with Conexis created the Connect 5G project (

Clear rules and agile licensing are essential for the advancement of 5G, which will require five to ten times more antennas than 4G.

The sector, however, has reinforced that 5G antennas are smaller than 4G antennas and therefore the visual impact on the city is smaller. These antennas can be installed on the facades of buildings and on urban furniture such as advertising panels, traffic lights and poles.

About Conexis - Conexis Brasil Digital brings together telecommunications and connectivity companies, which are the platform for the digital economy, sustainability and connection for all Brazilians. Conexis, within a digital transformation movement the world is going through, replaces the SindiTelebrasil brand, reinforcing the purpose of the telecommunications sector to digitize the country and connect all Brazilians.

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