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EANA consolidates aeronautical communications through the ARSAT VSAT service

Bnamericas Published: Friday, January 27, 2023

This is an automated translation of the original release published in Spanish.

Arsat press release

After completing a first stage in which 63 VSATs were installed, the next phase began, which will reach a total of 100 operational terminals. This implementation makes it possible to have satellite redundancy at each site, increasing the availability of an essential service in the event of contingencies in terrestrial links, through the ARSAT Hub located in the town of Benavidez, and also allowing the destination to be reached with a double hop in case of contingencies of a main link.

The cooperation between ARSAT and EANA began by signing a collaboration framework agreement in June 2020. The agreement between ARSAT and EANA is one more example of the commitment of both companies to innovation and excellence in the telecommunications sector. With this alliance, ARSAT strengthens its position as a leading provider of VSAT services for the public sector in Argentina and expands its client portfolio in the aeronautical sector. For its part, EANA achieves a high-quality and reliable connection in case of failure in its main communication system. In addition, ARSAT's VSAT services allow EANA to provide a safer and more comfortable flight experience to its passengers.

Facundo Gatti, Executive Manager of CNS and Systems of EANA, affirmed: “The satellite connectivity provided by ARSAT was fundamental in the process of Integral Digitization of the Aeronautical Communications System in the Argentine Republic. Thanks to the initial implementation of 63 VSAT antennas (currently in the process of expansion to 100 VSATs) installed in EAVAS and main nodes, EANA was able to incorporate redundancy in all aeronautical communications, increasing service availability by eliminating single points of Failure in the entire communication process between air traffic control and the aircraft. Satellite technology allows us to provide a safer air navigation service.”

For her part, Gabriela Logatto, President and General Manager of EANA assured: “When I arrived at EANA, the service was outsourced, no agreement had been made with ARSAT. We quickly understood the decisive importance of this company and we created a strategic State-State alliance, managing to strengthen both organizations. For EANA, the technological infrastructure is a fundamental pillar that allowed us, after joint engineering work, to carry out the total digitalization of our communications system, with a high availability solution that guarantees us operational and sovereign security. Likewise, the agreement with ARSAT provides us with an alternative to the communications network at the satellite level so that there are no disruptions in the system.”

Guillermo Rus, vice president of ARSAT, commented: "Through the ARSAT-1 and ARSAT-2 satellites, we make our VSAT services available to customers for internet and data connectivity throughout the national territory with a very high level of availability. of service. This allows us to provide high-quality connectivity for a critical network such as the EANA communications system, a key player in Argentine air navigation. In addition, ARSAT made available to EANA the National Data Center through which different computer solutions are provided thanks to the infrastructure located in our center at the Benavídez Earth Station.”

“We are especially proud of this link as it connects us with one of the most important air navigation companies in our country. Being able to provide connectivity through our VSAT service and provide solutions with our Data Center to a company like EANA positions us as a central actor in the concert of telecommunications in Argentina and the region," said Facundo Leal, president of ARSAT.

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